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© Antoine Duhamel 


Voluntarily sober and strict, the space imagined by Daï Sugasawa notified itself by a minimal decor in relation to the chefs’ philosophy and gastronomy. The space was designed to be clean and quiet canvas for the chefs’ creations. This attention to the chefs’ innovative process provides clients with a unique tasting experience.


Le Clos Y offers a fusion gastronomy that dwells in a traditional and contemporary repertoire, where French and Japanese cuisines overlap.

By giving the architecture of the restaurant a temporal and cultural plurality, Daï Sugasawa wanted to fulfill the roots and passion inhabited by the chefs. Traditional Japanese materials combined to pure geometric volumes speak in a play of light, texture and tensed lines, defining a Japanese restaurant that would have been moved into a food research lab.

Crossing almost the entire space of the restaurant from its 11 meter length, lays a monolithic Japanese cherrywood counter directly imported from Japan. Being the masterpiece of the restaurant, it remains the main tasting element in Japan, no surprises it takes great importance in the creative process of the space.

The two main walls of the restaurant confront and balance themselves in order to delimit the space occupied by the counter. On one side raises a wood cladding which surface has been burned following Japan’s purest traditions. On the other side, a dissymmetric tailored tile layout made of stone divides the whole partition.

At the back of the seating section, a white wall erects and cut a main volume in order to define a convivial space. Open on the rest of the room and liven up with a right angle dormer, this volumes ensures a certain privacy.

The restrooms alone have been a long thinking process. For this section of the restaurant, Daï Sugasawa has decided to explore a « discovery » phenomenon when one visits for the first time the restaurant’s restrooms.

The client firsts enter a dark hall while being welcomed by a rabbit lamp. Then, he faces a tiny door before entering an atypic room full of surprises…

Le Clos Y and Daï Sugasawa invite you to discover the union between fine cuisine and fine interior architecture, an well balanced recipe providing a unique experience.

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