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Stop fighting and let's talk on the table..

Inspired by the simplicity and utility of precision military equipment,

the Bipod table is a tribute to the modernist principles of simplicity, practicality and tactility.

The Bipod table was conceived with the help of military equipment specialists who used precision engineering to achieve design efficiency.

The Bipod’s form is the sum of its functions: represented as they are, with exposed parts that emphasize the table’s mechanical beauty.

Weighing approximately 10kg, the table is easy to carry or transport, and is fully foldable with adjustable height and a retraction mechanism.

Made up of 99 per cent alumiunium, the Bipod is lightweight, compact, and fully recyclable.
The Bipod encourages improvisation: it can be used anywhere, and at any time, adapting its function to a variety of spaces and circumstances.

The Bipod’s modern industrial aesthetic allows for a stylish solution to the needs of every day life.

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